The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Friday, May 10, 2013

But It's Mother's Day

"I hear mothers mourning over the lost of their young."

“But it’s Mother’s Day,” the child replied.

“Oh, how well I know that," answered the Prophet.

"So tell me what do you hear, Prophet? What do you hear?"  The child in its naivety thought the earth had gotten better.

"Silence, child, I hear a faint rumbling coming up from a far."

"All right, I won't let out one peeps, but promise me you'll tell me what you hear?" And the child dance around the Prophet with joyous expectations.

"You have my promise. I will only tell you what I hear."

Suddenly, the Prophet covered his ears. "Oh the rumble, it’s terrible,” shouted the Prophet. “It gets louder and louder."

"Surely, it is the sound of  the people on earth celebrating and cheering as they honor their mothers," the Child said.

"Shh, now, I hear it clearly," The Prophet commanded.

"What is it?" The Child asked.

"It sounds like gunfire going off in schools, at homes, on streets––children killing children."

"But it's Mother's Day."

“Oh, How well I know that." The Prophet mumbled
"So tell me something good. Tell me of the songs you hear, or the flowers you see, or children honoring their mothers with surprises on this beautiful Mother's Day."

"Wait!" Said the Prophet. "Be still. I hear another cry."

"Oh, goodie. It's about time you heard a beautiful cry."

The prophet began to cry before the child, and he began to beat his hands against his breast.

What wrong, Prophet, what's wrong? Tell me, what did you hear?”

"Like Rachel crying for her young ones over two thousand years ago, I hear mothers wailing; painful moans, no man can ever imagine, coming up out of the heart of women: mothers wailing for the lost of their young.”

"But it's Mother's Day, Prophet.”

“Oh, how well I know that,” the Prophet answered.

“So, what do you see on this beautiful day for mothers everywhere,” the child asked, hoping the Prophet would report about the presents that made mommies happy on their special day. Maybe, just maybe,  the child thought, the Prophet will let me look down and see the celebrations.

“Shall I tell you what I hear? Maybe then you’ll understand what I’m saying,” the Prophet asked.
“All right.  Tell me, what do you hear, Prophet?  What do you hear?”

“I hear mothers wailing for the lost of their young;
Children, whose lives have been cut off by drunken drivers;
Children, whose lives are stopped short by guns in the hands of distorted minds;   
Children, whose lives are prematurely ended by the scalpel;
Children, whose lives are snuffed out by bombs as they sleep; 
Children, whose lives have been contaminated––destroyed by chemicals dropped from the air as man fights against man.
I see little people, like you, child, who have no voice
To speak out,
To protest,
To vote;
Their lives have been taken away without their consent.”

“But it’s Mother’s Day, Prophet. It’s Mother’s Day.

“Oh, how well I know that!” The Prophet answered.

Pat Garcia


  1. Oh my God, Patricia, I'm sitting here crying like a baby. This hit me like a punch in my gut. How I wish the ones who cause these tragedies could read this. Powerful words.

    1. Good morning My Dear Friend,

      Thank you for sharing. Honestly, it took me over week to write this tribute. So many emotions went through my Psyche. I felt the pain of grieving mothers, even though I have never birth a child into this world.

      That I dedicated my tribute this year to you and Linda is a heart thing. You both are women that I respect and admire.

      You are a woman of strength and believe me when I say it is a pleasure to be a part of you. Even though we are often busy because of our calling that sends us in separate directions, I feel close to you and for that I am truly thankful.

      Happy Mother's Day.


  2. Oh this is so good Sis, getting through the presents and flowers then telling it like it is.
    Your Bro.

    1. Good morning my Dear Brother,

      Thank you for sharing. I have been recuperating from surgery since the middle of April and this article slumbered in me until it was ripe. Thank you for your loyal support and your view of my writing that I treasure greatly.

      Please pass on Happy Mother's Day greetings to Lorelle from me.
      Love you both dearly.


    2. So, it all comes out in the wash then, been sick and don't let on. I thought there must be something wrong when I hadn't seen you around. I put it down to your huge effort on the A-Z challenge. Lorelle says thanks so much for the greetings. #she's waving#
      Love from us.

  3. Thanks Patricia for thinking of Linda and me when writing this. Maybe, like me book it will stop the killing and loss that Linda and I and so many mothers and loved ones share.

    Love, Micki

  4. I too, wish like that child! Ohh, the truth is the truth, yes, but it is Mother's Day!!!



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