The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It takes a person with a vision to stand steadfast when the storms of life are raging around them. Such people stand still as they abide within the framework of  knowledge and wisdom they have received in accordance with their vision.  They are unlikely to swerve to the left or to the right. They become unshakeable as they learn to abide and remain in a restful state that causes them to exercise patience, trust and faith as they wait on the outcome.
When we abide,
We wake up with expectancy:
We climb over our hindrances:
We tackle our procrastination:
We move out of the realm of self-pity:
We become unconquerable.

Abiding gives us the willingness to place ourselves in the hands of God
That are more knowledgeable than we are,
That are more competent than we ever could be.
“So,” said the child. “I’m ready to leave this place?”
“You’re not quite there,” the Prophet answered.
“But I am tired of this place, we have been here a long time. What are you waiting on?”
“On you.”
“On me? But I am ready.”
“No, you’re not. You’re abiding.”
“This abiding is old, and I am tired of it. Can’t we move on to something new?”
“We are moving.”
“No, we’re not. I don’t feel a thing.”
“But you’re moving.”
“How do I know I’m moving? You keep on telling me to abide, abide, but abide in what? Why am I abiding?”
“I thought you wanted to see what happens if you continued to abide here.”
“But nothing is happening. That is just the case. I don’t see anything taking place. We have been abiding here for days, and all I see is the same old storm, on the same old spot, doing the same old thing.”
“Because you don’t see it, you think nothing has happened?”
“Well, I surely don’t see any changes,” the Child replied, sarcastically.
The Prophet chuckled as he waved his hand over the child’s face. Behind the storm, it caught a glimpse of something, felt the movement of the water and with awe realized they were moving.
“We’re moving,” the Child cried out. “We’re moving.”
“Sure we are,” replied the Prophet. “Did you think you were standing still?”
“I thought we were abiding until………”
"You are abiding. When you have finished abiding, we'll be there."

Pat Garcia

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