The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zeitgeist, Zenith, A Fable out of The Child and The Prophet

The Zeniths

The beauty of the mountains ahead lay in the fact they looked like seven stair steps with a cumulus cloud circling the fourth mountain like a bracelet around a woman arm.  The sun had risen. The air filled with the sounds of animals long awoke.

Lily Pad

Lily Pad had parked by the bank, anchored like a boat waiting for her passengers to debark.

Mr. Whale

Mr. Whale no longer in sight,


Octavio, address unknown and

Mr. Eagle

Mr. Eagle somewhere in the blue sky.

The Child

"Prophet?" The Child said stepping out of Lily Pad onto the bank.

"I remember standing on this bank years ago."

"This one is different."

"Oh. Am I there?"

"You've put your foot on the path that leads to the first zenith."

"The first?"

The Prophet

"Yes, Child, the first."

"But, Prophet, ahead is a stairway of mountains!"
The Zeniths

"Which zenith is mine?"
"Whichever you choose, Child."

The Child observed the far distant mountain peaks scaling toward the sky.

"It doesn't get any easier, does it?"

"The zeitgeist of your era demands an illusion of instant satisfaction, Child."

"Will you stay with me, if I say enough and remain at the first zenith."

"Yes, Child."

"You'll accept my choice."


"Even though you might know it's not the best zenith for me?"

"The decision will always lie with you."

"Oh, Prophet?"

The Child

Consternation and determination highlighted the wrinkles on her face as she considered.  She turned and regarded The Prophet.

"What's your choice, Child?"

The Zeniths

"You see that last zenith beyond the mountain with the cloud embracing it?"


"That's where I belong."

The Prophet

"In that case, Child, look who's coming to greet you."

"Mr. Raccoon!" Shouted The Child.

Mr. Raccoon

"I told you we'd meet again."

Shalom Aleichem, and Toda, Grazie, Danke, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado, Thank you,

Pat Garcia

Friday, April 29, 2016

Year, Yearn, Yeah, Yesterday, A Fable out of The Child and The Prophet


"Yes, Child?

"I think I see a bank ahead. 

The Prophet

The Prophet chuckled. Soon, The Child would move from the ocean and how she had learned to walk on water as she faced challenging and painful situations to another level.  The path would turn into yesterday and a new year would begin.

Mr. Eagle

"Gaaaak, gaaaak, gaaaak," said Mr. Eagle.

Mr. Whale

Mr. Whale hit the water with his fins three times, and Octavio climbed up and boarded Lily Pad for the first time.

"Soon, Child. Soon, you'll be there."

"Yeah! How much longer?"

"Sooner than you think."

"Did you hear what The Prophet said Mr. Whale?"

"Child, Mr. Whale remains here."

"And Mr. Eagle?"

"He can't go either."


" Oh. What about Octavio?"

Lily Pad

"You have one more day with them all including Lily Pad."

The tears fell; they stung like thorns from a rose bush in her heart.

The Child

"And you, Prophet? Must I say goodbye to you also."

"No, Child. I'll always be with you."

"Why can't I take them with me?"

"They'll be with you."

"How's that, Prophet."

"Oh, my Child. Have you not learned? Mr. Whale, Mr. Eagle, Octavio, and Lily Pad will always be inside of you. The seeds they have planted, you must now honor by fulfilling your destiny. They'll be cheering you on, and when you listen with your heart, you'll hear them."

"Oh, I hope so, Prophet."

"I know so, Child. I've looked and seen your yearnings fulfilled. Stay true to what is in your heart. It is your heart that will help you reach your destiny."

Shalom Aleichem,
Pat Garcia