The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello Everyone,

It is the first Wednesday of the month, and IWSG Time. 

IWSG is a writer support group created and led by Alex Cavanaugh. It is a big help to many of us who do not mind sharing our insecurities, our successes or giving encouragement and help to others. 

So, if you are interested and would like to join, the link below will lead you directly to us:

My report:

Submissions –   None for February 2018


Sunday, the fourth of February displayed the faith, the resiliency, and the relentlessness of the Philadelphia Eagles. Who would have thought that a team hit with so many setbacks during the season and the years behind them would become Super Bowl Champions? 

As I watched them play, I compared my writing journey to becoming a Champion in the Super Bowl.  To reach your goal, you have to turn yourself into relentless writer, reading those books, writing as much as you can, every time you can, attending those classes and implementing what you learn into your book regardless of whether it is poetry, fiction or non-fiction. You're not cocky; you're not out there doing a hip-hop dance, and you don't examine your competition and measure what their chances are because you don't want to waste your time.

No, you have got your eyes on your goal, and you're looking at your writing.  For example, at the moment, my knees are knocking, slightly trembling, wanting to buckle under, as I complete this final revision of my manuscript so that I can submit it to the RNA, (Romantic Novelist's Association) in the United Kingdom. That’s right.  January 2nd ushered in a new epoch in my life. I was one of the 300 people chosen for the New Writer’s Scheme. We have a deadline of August 31but as usual, I have set myself a deadline for May 31st. I don’t want to wait around until the last minute. So, my Facebook Reader’s Group is busy reading my manuscriptA small group of seven, mixed with writers and readers from all over the western world, I am happy to have them. 
So why the shakes? It is like the Philadelphia Eagles and their appearance in the Super Bowl. It takes a quarter portion of resiliency, a quarter portion of relentlessness, a quarter portion of faith, as you learn how to work your vocabulary to create your story, and a quarter portion of joy as you write it from your heartAnd, it is that beautiful purple bow of perseverance  wrapped around those ingredients I mentioned above that hold you together and keep you from falling apart 
So, here I am getting ready to catch my first touchdown.  Like the Philadelphia Eagles before Super Bowl LII, I am swamped doing revisions, receiving critiques from different writers and editors, and looking patiently for the right words to give expression to what is in my heart and will paint pictures  through the words I use. I am at the fourth and on the one yard line and  have decided  to  go for what my heart desires, a touch down in traditional publishing. I hope I score and shock the world just like Nick Foles did when he caught that touchdown before the second quarter ended.  People, I was jumping for joy. I believe I woke the neighbourhood here in my German Village, when I shouted, "Oh my gosh," and started dancing. As for me, I’ll let you know what happens when I catch my first touchdown at the end of the year.  

Have a lovely February and be safe as you walk through the month. 

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia