The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

IWSG Article, July 6, 2016, Head Slightly Bent Upward, Looking Skyward

Hello Everyone,

It’s the first Wednesday in the month and IWSG Time has come around again. 
IWSG, a writer’s support group, which was created by Alex Cavanaugh, is a big help to many of us who don’t mind sharing our insecurities, our successes or giving encouragement and help to others. 

So, if you are interested and would like to join, please go to the IWSG Website at

My report:

I am revising three stories for submission in July.

Actual submissions:  Still waiting for acceptance or rejection for my outstanding stories at Wigleaf and at the Diverse Voices Quarterly. 

My answer to the question posted in the IWSG Newsletter for July, What is the best thing someone has ever said about my writing.

The person said to me that what I wrote touched his soul and caused him to act upon situations he pushed aside on his back burner.

My article is posted below.

IWSG July 6, 2016, Head Slightly Bent Upward, Looking Skyward

Insecurities pop up quickly when caught on your blindside.

The blindside prepares and strengthens us as we come to grips with those unforeseen events that take place in our lives. It is like Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den.  Head slightly bent, upward, you look skyward and say what now, Lord?

For me, it was waking up on a Monday morning and finding my office totally flooded due to heavy rains. I had three writing deadlines to meet, and one of them was the June IWSG Blog Hop.


Immediately, self-pity knocked on my door, trying to enter and shake my confidence in my writing ability, in my willingness to persevere and endure, and in being able to organize and take care of my priorities.

In this blindside modus, I am learning there are times when I have to keep my head slightly bent upward and look skyward, not wondering why, not trying to understand, not trying to run to friends.  It likes funambulism; I am learning to trust myself, head slightly bent upward,  looking skyward as I focus and concentrate.

Being caught on my blindside means duration unknown. Notice, I did not say destiny unknown.  My future remains the same.  I am thoroughly aware of my purpose; I just can’t calculate the blindside's time span.  No, it is not genteel, diplomatic, or thoughtful. It does not inform me. Head slightly bent upward, looking skyward, I keep writing, singing, and hoping.

My blindside has appeared, as all blindsides do, SUDDENLY, and one day it will disappear just as it came, SUDDENLY.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia