The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


May was struggle month pure for me but along with it came a nice surprise.

Struggle 1 - My MacBook Pro got sick.  I treat it like a child, so it had to go to Uncle Doctor Apple.  I suspected it was my graphic card and said so when I met with the technician.  He checked it with me standing by and sure enough, the graphic card was gone.  It needed a new one. My Mac Pro is five years old, so the guarantee was over, but I wanted to have it repaired, and it was. Apple gave me a new graphic card at no cost to me.  That was my biggest surprise for May. Thank you, Apple.

Struggle 2 – Stopped letting procrastination gnaw away at my self-confidence by returning to the Critique Circle. I am a paying member of the CC, and although I don’t submit any manuscripts on a regular basis, I like giving others helpful critiques. I was out of the loop for about four months and knew that if I didn’t get involved again, I wouldn’t feel good about myself.

Struggle 3 – Taking the time to visit all the blogs that I signed up for during the challenge on a regular basis. Some people write blog postings daily. That’s okay, but I won’t be able to read every one of them. I’m a writer that want to be a novelist, so, I have to find a balance that will work for me. 

Struggle 4 – Taking the time to maintenance my Social Media platforms.  My platforms have been practically screaming update me or complete me.

I could go on and on, but I won’t, because struggles are inevitable. They accompany change, so I’m learning  how to overcome as I master them.

Pat Garcia