The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Seventy-Nine-Words Story Challenge

I don’t know when it happen, but I remember reading the MONDAY FUNNIES, one morning and bursting out with laughter.  I was hooked on the funnies. Laughter is not typical for me before eleven a.m. If you ask the people very close to me, they will tell you, Pat is usually unapproachable before eleven. 

Honestly, as a writer, I find myself experiencing highs and lows.   It’s a writer madness that takes hold and motivates me to write what I see as I write about the world I live in during the early morning hours.

Thus, Chris Graham’s, CHRIS THE STORY READING APE’S BLOG has become a necessity in my life. It touches the humor within me, and laughter comes bubbling out.

Recently, Andrew Joyce, an author, sent out a dare, a seventy-nine-words dare to writers and it has been running on Chris’s blog as the Seventy-Nine-Words Story Challenge.  Each week, stories are chosen as the best submitted. This week, one of my stories from The Child and The Prophet (a W.I.P.) was among the ones chosen and to be very honest with you that makes me happy. 

To read my story and the stories of the other participants, please go to the link below. It’s only 79 words, and drop a line on Chris’s blog and let him know you were there and me too, of course.

Pat Garcia

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Women's Fiction Festival, Matera, Italy

Been facing my insecurities and moving ahead at a turtle's pace, this month, taking one step at a time.  I attended the Women's Fiction Writing Festival in Matera, Italy.  The workshop, held in Matera, gave me a chance to practice what I preach. Driving down challenged me because it gave me insight on the refugee situation in Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Scared? Of course, I was. Any time you move beyond what you know into the unknown, you will be emotionally challenged. Fear arises and you yearn for what is behind you, but once you start out conquering those fears by moving forward, the fear dispels.

I met many people and now  have the opportunity to build a network with outstanding writers  on one of the Social Media Network platforms.

Very much impressed with the panel speakers and their professionalism, I enjoyed listening to their lectures and participated in workshop discussions with people who were from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa, and Italy. The translators were magnificent and were  able to switch from English to Italian or from Italian to English within a heartbeat, and I had the opportunity to practice my Italian.

However, for me the biggest highlight was Matera and its inhabitants. The  Italian people in Southern Italy captured my heart.  As I departed Matera on Monday morning, I was singing, I left my heart in Matera, instead of San Francisco.  


Pat Garcia