The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IWSG Day, February 1, 2017, Short & Sweet

Hello Everyone,

It is the first Wednesday of the month, and IWSG Time, and can you believe January has already said goodbye for 2017? Wow! 

IWSG is a writer support group created by Alex Cavanaugh. It is a big help to many of us who do not mind sharing our insecurities, our successes or giving encouragement and help to others. 

So, if you are interested and would like to join, the link below will lead you directly to us:

My report:

I’m still judging. Each contestant who would like to be critiqued receives two critiques from two judges.  This contest has taken a tremendous amount of time but I have increased my skills, and my expertise is getting fatter.

Rejections: I submitted one story to Wigleaf April 29, 2016. It was one of three publishers I mentioned that I hadn’t heard from.  Well, I heard from them January 4th.  It was a rejection but what impressed me was they actually apologized for not getting back to me sooner. So, I think I will try them again.

Submissions still out:
Wordhaus. Haven’t got an answer yet, but maybe they take a long time to deliberate also. J

I start submitting in March. I want to get the judging contest out of my way.

OPTIONAL FEBRUARY 1ST QUESTION: How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?
Answer: Reading has changed my writing experience. I started reading first. In fact, most of my learning comes from reading. So for me, my writing experience is an expression of how my reading has enhanced me. (I surely hope my answer makes sense.)

 Short & Sweet

Today is IWSG Day, and tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. I do not know whether the ground hog will see his shadow when he wakes up. If he does, old wives' tales say we’re in for a beautiful spring.  What I do know is when I awoke this morning; I turned my light on my nightstand on so I could see my shadow made by the artificial lightening in my bedroom.  

Yes, I’m ready for spring. I'm ready to jump knee deep into a pile of editing, submit my short stories and write more, dive into my flash fiction, dip into my poetry, and skinny dip through my blogs.  So come on Mr. Ground Hog. Open your eyes, look at your shadow and bring on spring.

Have a great February everyone, and be safe.

Shalom aleichem,

Pat Garcia