The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Monday, April 8, 2013

Groove, Groove, Grooving, Groovy

Grooving is flow. 
Time stands till,
Nights become days,
Until that life within me,
Is poured out on others.

Grooving means harmony. 
It's excitement pure.
You're grooving along in your rhythm,
Pacing out your life as you attack the,
  • Chore, 
  • Task, 
  • Or responsibility. 
You're in the Groove.

Groove does not need experts.

Grooving doesn't seek know-it-alls with all the answers, instead it shuns them.

Groovy does not accept  flattery, nor does it have the desire to be a part of the in-crowd.

The Groove seeks people,
  • Willing to standout as individuals. 
  • Wiling to explore new ways, 
  • Willing to stretch out and learn, 
  • Willing to make mistakes, 
  • Willing to fail, 
  • Willing to get back up and get in the  groove.  
Grooving means harmony.

It's  the one and the two and the three and the four,
With the stress on the beats of two and four,
As the Duke plays and sweet Ella sings,
I can't give you anything, but love B-A-B-Y,  Baby.

Groove, Groove, Grooving, Groovy is mellow.

It is that serene sense of acceptance within us that states softly with conviction, 'We are what we are.'

Groovy chases away 
  • The dark brooding clouds that overwhelm life,
  • The people who  try to form us into the likeness of some other individual, 
  • The peer pressure to be a part of some click, 
  • Or to  join some club just to be recognized.
Groove, Groove, Grooving, Groovy,

Makes me turn my face upward towards my God and lift my hands in praise,
As I twist and turn, and shake my hips, while  moving my feet,

Dancing to the tune of  Lovely Day, by Bill Withers, 
Breakdancing to Gladys Night's, Midnight Train To Georgia, 
Slow dancing in the arms of the one I love to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 
Country square dancing, while stomping to Josh Turner's White Noise.

I am in the Groove, Grooving, and I feel Groovy.

Grooving makes me responsive.

It brings me out of my hiding place and makes me share with others.
Events falls into place, and I know that I know,
That this is how my life should be,
All the time,
But is it?

I like it, when I'm in the Groove.

And you? 
what's your groove?

Pat Garcia


  1. I love this Pat! I can't think of a better way to describe groovy. I can't help but singing Simon and Garfunkles redition too. I think this is going to set the tone for my day. Thank you dear one!

  2. Dearest Pat... I thought I was the only person out here who used the word "groove." I'm dancing along with you as I too like to be in my groove.... BUT... WHAT is my groove... besides doing the Funky Chicken with my granddaughters?

    Some place along the line, I think I let my "groove" slip between my fingers... or maybe it is because I DON'T fit into the groove.

    You are a great lady. I love your postings!

  3. When I think of groove, one of the first things that comes to my mind is music. I know music is one of your passions and that comes through here.

  4. Patricia, I hope this one goes through.

    This was just the best post thank you so much. I grooved from beginning to end, feeling the rhythm of your words and just about glowing from the wisdom of them!

    How true it is that we need to each find our own groove! Which doesn't happen all that often to me but when it does, I too feel responsive to the world and all in it and give thanks to God for all that He is, does and give. My eyes are more open and I see all the beauty that is around us - as I see it in you dear Patricia. And in all others - and this is a lovely warm and gracious feeling - as is your post!

  5. Yowie Patti!
    This post is like.........groovy! I really like it! Yep, the Duke sure could make some mighty fine music!

  6. Harmony Sis, pure harmony the music moving through your body, elation.
    Great letter today. :-)

  7. I am really enjoying the rhythms in your blog explorations. Popped in from A to Z to read and say hi.

  8. Patti, this post really sang to me. I absolutely love your way with words, and this post helped put me in the groove!! Have a wonderful day, and keep up the amazing work.
    Love you huge bunches! xo

  9. Another good job, Pat. I felt that old 'groove thang' til the end!


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