The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Found, contrary to lost, indicates some precious object  discovered that has come into my possession.  I find because I am listening to the inner voice that speaks softly to me. It points to me  where the hidden jewels of my life can be found, but it is up to me to do the digging.

Found digging in the sand like a kid digging for treasure, and the inner voice whispered gently,  that looks like something you would love to do.

Found joining the school's chorus that fuel my interest, and my inner voice whispered, that looks like a bright, sparkly something, but can't tell yet. You have to varnished it a little more.

What can it be I ask myself as I continue to learn the voice mechanics that made my heart sing.

Found in a church gathering by a woman who asked me did I sing professionally.  Annoyingly, I looked at her as I answered,"Only sang in the school choir but I was not one of its stars. Just someone who sang in the background." And my inner voice whispered,  looks like the nugget is beginning to shine.

Found four years later standing on stage with a group of singers, and the inner voice whispered, you are beginning to glow.

Found two years later making solo appearances in foreign countries, as I stood on stage alone with only my own pianist.

Found, my heart opens as I use the precious jewel that once was buried deep in the sands of my soul,

  • To willingly lift the darkness from someone's life,
  • To heal a broken heart,
  • To show comfort someone in distress.

It is the inner voice of the Spirit that whispers to me,

Sing the note that wants to  escape out of your soul,
Bellow out praises to the Creator of all things.

It is,

The joy of singing instead of talking, 
The gratefulness of receiving from above, 
The joy of pouring out to others.

It is the music within my soul.
This jewel is not for sale. No currency in the world  can purchase it.

Found, in a  minefield,

  • hopes, 
  • chances, 
  • and opportunities, 

That looked like ugly, nasty, unkempt, plain, downright hideous, dirty nuggets.

Found a nugget among them.
A Nugget planted in me while I was being formed in my mother's womb.

It is the music within my soul.

Pat Garcia 


  1. You no longer are a diamond in the rough, you are a shiny, brilliant diamond that GLOWS. I'm delighted you found your Soul!! Wonderful piece! Love ya!

  2. You are a nugget and I a glad that you listened to the quiet voices! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful post Patricia! The very last part reminds me of : The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone OT Psalms 118 vs 22. Too often we reject what we consider to be base within and it is that very issue that needs to be 'found'. You found, by digging Patricia and you are a jewel indeed! Your soul will never be sold. Like the acorn that become the huge oak, you came from the nugget in your mother's womb and we are all the richer. Thank you so much!

    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  4. Patricia, you're on a roll. This is another great post, which is so full of depth, yet simplicity as well. I love the way you think as much as the way you write. You have quite a few like this and I think it's time to put them into book collection.

    Love, Micki

  5. I'd love to find that I had a beautiful voice, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. The only thing I seem to be finding is my lost weight.

  6. I think these posts are helping you find or at least express your voice in a brilliant way!

  7. Wow, I love it!! Great ending too! I just smiled and smiled! Good job my dear! Of course, like the voice, this A to Z is also a nugget from above. Kisses to you!


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