The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Thursday, April 24, 2014


"Up, Child," said The Prophet.

The Child had been sleeping soundly on the lily pad.

"Why do I have to get up, Prophet?"

"You need to see something beautiful."

So, The Child rose, drank a glass of seawater that miraculously tasted like tea and looked out on the horizon. It was dawn.

"What do you want me to see, Prophet?"

"It's a surprise.  So come now, we have to leave the lily pad for you to see it."

"But I haven't walked on the ocean for days. I think I've forgotten how to," The Child said.

"Good reason to walk. Walking the ocean ought to become a routine."

"Prophet, I don't think I'll care for this adventure without my lily pad."

"You'll love it. So, stand up and let's go, before you miss it."

The first steps on the ocean were tricky. One of The Child's feet went  beneath the water.

"Prophet, I'm slipping under."

"Keep your eyes on me, and don't look at the ocean. We're almost in the right spot."

The Child turned her head and looked at The Prophet as he held one of her hands.

"Strange, Prophet. Why are you looking straight ahead?"

"If you turn your head and look straight ahead, you'll see why. We've reached our destination."

The Child turned her head and saw the most beautiful sun rising on the horizon.

"Oh, Prophet, it's beautiful," The Child murmured.

Suddenly, she saw someone before the sun dancing with joy.

"That's my dream, Prophet!  That's my dream up there in the sun.

The Prophet laughed. "Yes, Child, that is."

"Prophet, can everyone see my dream?"

"Child, no one can see your dream but you."

Pat Garcia


  1. Upwards and onwards - follow your dream, you'll reach it in time. Beautiful post Patricia thank you.
    Garden of Eden Blog

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thank you very much for coming by.

  2. Beautiful post Patricia. Yes, we do have to get "up" to follow our dreams. I loved this little girl's dream of dancing on the water at sun rise. It is like walking my beaches and the beauty of nature. I definitely can see this child's dream. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gwynn,
      Thank you for coming by. Yes, the Child does dream and it is good that she does.

  3. Powerful, Patricia: "No one can see your dream but you."

  4. Hi My Dear,
    And it is so true. No one can see your dream but you, and if you want to be fulfilled, no one can do it but you. It is scary but true that every person has been given at least one dream.

    Thank you so much for coming by.



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