The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Incredible, Incredibly Incredible, Simply Incredible, Incredibleness


And moments, 

Which turn years into,

And seconds, 

Impressed themselves upon our lives daily, but we need to prepare ourselves to recognize them.

It is up to us,

To abandon the logic of seeing is believing, 
And to return to our roots that believing is seeing.  

It is the person that sees,

Beyond the poverty that tries to strangle him or her, 
Beyond the sickness that lames, 
Beyond the disability or hindrance that afflicts,
Beyond the color of the skin, or the nationality or the language, 
Beyond the complaints of what he or she does not have,

That moves ahead.  This, however, affords a declaration of war, against the deadliest disease on planet earth,

The never ending, 
Never stopping 
Attacks against your mind.

No one can protect your mind, but you.  Yes, I know it is difficult. How often have I sunken into desperation only to realize the power I needed resides in me.

I am also not talking about some kind of self-made man or woman power. Most of these self-made people achieve their goals by encroaching upon others, unmercifully.

No, the power I am referring  to lies in the Spirit of God. When you hear this voice, you'll know it because you will have then returned,

Back to the roots where believing is seeing. 

Changing our focus from without to within means stepping out there just as you are and beginning with what you have, and more than likely, what you have will be nothing.  However,  nothing starts a chain reaction that moves us slowly into the realm of heavenly entitlements.

Incredible doors open up that we thought would never open,

In hours, 
In minutes, 
Or seconds. 

Edison saw the light bud lighting up the world before he invented it.  Can't you hear Thomas Edison as he bumbles around in his laboratory making one mistake after the other?

Can you see him, people? 
Can you see him?

Germain saw herself attending school in France before women were allowed to receive an education. Can't you see her sitting in her father's study teaching herself Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry?

Can you see her people? 
Can you see her?

Truth saw herself defending her right to be a woman, when black women were still considered property of their masters. Yet, this woman who was forced to walk through the back door to enter the building stood before a state congress and vocalized her speech, Ain't I A Woman? and a  congress was humbled by the authority that rang out of her voice.

Can you see her people? 
Can you see her?

Incredible said the family, friends, and people that gathered around Edison.
Yet, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

Incredibly incredible said the scholars of France. Women don't have the brains to fathom out Mathematics.
Yet, Sophie Germain was the leading scholar of her time, understand you, a self taught Mathematician.

Simply incredible said the Ohio politicians as Sojourner Truth stood before them as a woman endowed with the authority of a leader.
Yet,  Sojourner Truth walked her talk as she challenged the men about the injustices of a system established by them.

Incredibleness achieved by three people who started out with only the willingness to believe, and they laid down an incredible history that turned years into,

And Moments,

That impact our lives today.

Can you see them people?
Can you see them?

Pat Garcia


  1. Yes Pat it is "incredible" the number of brilliant people who go unrecognized out there. Plus, I applaud those people who have the drive to keep striving.

    You definitely are passionate and I love it! "Incredible" job!! ;-)

  2. There should be a reactions button above Patricia for 'excellent'.

    How incredibly inspirational thank you thank you soooo much! And using examples of these incredible individuals to show that the word 'impossible' was not in their purview and by believing that their power was within, they were able to bring it without, into society.

    A simply lovely post thank you!

  3. Another brilliant post, Patti. Inspirational, and incredible indeed!

  4. Attitude is everything.

  5. I hope you are going to publish these when you reach the end of the alphabet Pat? Outstanding.

  6. I hope you are going to publish these as a book at the end of the alphabet Pat?

  7. Awesome blog post!! Very POWERFULL...I've always been a firm believer that each and everyone of us has "GREATNESS" inside of us. Some are just better at tapping into it, and some of us learn later in life as we grow our Wisdom. I'm the latter! because you don't SEE something means a lot of people are going to miss the boat. I'm a Christian, and one thing bothers me the most is when others say, "how do believe in someone you can not see?? Yes indeed....these are the people who are going to miss THE WONDERS OF HEAVEN! Blessings to you, Catherine Lyon

  8. Pat, this is so excellent--you really must consider a book of collections of your writings---seriously. You have a unigue style that would sell--to me for sure.

    Love, Micki

  9. I feel like this post grows and becomes more powerful as I read on - like a wave gaining strength. The repetition is great.

  10. Another good Post!! (I)....What hit me the most, due to being in recovery, was the Never Ending & Stopping attacks of the Mind! Reminds me of the continuous BATTLE with my addiction of do I go or not go to gamble today....Thanks! Catherine Lyon


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