The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Dare with its double-sided meaning provokes me to go beyond that what  I think I can do.  Like a mighty wind on the sea, daring me to get out of the boat, it makes me walk my talk.

Dare turns my faith, my beliefs, and my words  into actions that are my life's walk.  This is what gives me validity. It validates who I really am.

Day after day I arise,

  • Daring myself not to sleep away the day; 
  • Daring myself to leave my comfort modus and learn what I need to learn to accomplish what I need to accomplish, 
  • Daring myself to get rid of that fatalistic attitude that says you are too old, too young, or too dumb, 
  • Daring myself to focus so that I may  continue with a forward thrust moving ahead, step by step as I walk out my journey. 

Dare, daring, I dare you!

  • To be all that you can be,
  • To reach up and grasp the stars that will cause you to shine,
  • To become the writer, doctor, artist, singer, teacher, housekeeper, nurse, school bus driver or whatever it is that makes your heart glow because you know that is what your life is all about. 

That is what makes you happy, and because you are happy, you are capable of making others happy.

To wake up each morning
With the dare to live your life with meaning
Makes each waking moment worthwhile,
And each moment of sleep a trip into eternity.

Pat Garcia


  1. O Patricia, calling us to be daring! To be bold and follow what makes our hearts sing! Thank you - I feel mightily inspired. To BE who you are and to follow your destiny -
    And as you imply, AWAY with that negative attitude that says you can't, or you're too young, too old, too whatever -
    Just DARE TO DO!
    Thank you and Shalom!

  2. Again, your words speak from your heart and soul. I am so impressed.

  3. Patti! How dare you dare us to be all that we can be! I love the attitude of your posting....this is me and get over it world! Go get 'em girl!


  4. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Deirdre, I DARE you to fight the temptation to not exercise! I DARE you to write for an hour every day! Wonderful instpiration, Pat! Good for you, you're getting better with each letter!! Ha! I'm so proud of you!

  5. Who dares wins, or words to that effect, keep going Sis, 23 letters to go.

  6. I like it! Dare I say?
    To go for it and not settle takes guts which you definitely have.

  7. It's like bravery but there's another element to is isn't it...
    almost like the action that follows the bravery :)



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