The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Saturday, April 25, 2015


“Very good, Child, hold on to the dorsal fin,” The Prophet shouted. “Lean to the right, Child, Lean to the right!”

“I’m trying to lean,” The Child shouted back. “But I can’t lean and hold on to Mr. Whale too.”

Another wave, larger than before, appeared. Like a cylinder, it twirled on the ocean surface and started moving toward The Child.

“Okay, Mr. Whale, go get it! Let’s ride that wave,” The Child commanded, and Mr. Whale charged the wave’s wall.

“Very good, Child. That’s it!  Hold on to the dorsal fin.”

“Oh, Prophet, I’m so tired,” The Child shouted over the noise of the ocean.

“You’re doing very good, Child. Hang in there. Let Mr. Whale carry you over the next wave,” He shouted back.

Suddenly,  monster wave appeared from out of nowhere, tall, wide, and spinning as it threw fish caught up in its spin against the hard ocean surface.

The Child leaned forward and stretched herself out on Mr. Whale and closed her eyes.

“Oh, Prophet, why don’t you help me?”

Monster wave roared and prepared itself to attack.  It lifted Mr. Whale up from the ocean and flung the both of them high in the air.

“Eeeeek,” The Child screamed.

“Gaaaak,” said Mr. Eagle, lifting her up from Mr. Whale’s back.

“Very good, Child.  Mr. Eagle got you. You did very, very well,” The Prophet shouted.

Mr. Eagle flew her to The Prophet and dropped her gently on the  Lily Pad.

“Why didn’t you help me?”

“You didn’t need help.”

“That wave could have killed me.”

“No, it couldn’t.”

“Yes, it could.”

“You did very well, Child.”

“You really thought I could do it.”

“Very much so, Child.”


“Very much is within you, Child that you have yet to discover.”


Pat Garcia


  1. A deep, thought-provoking story. I liked the portrayal of the prophet.

    My latest post for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

  2. Wow, suspense (while suspended, if I may say so). A whale of a ride and saved by the Eagle.

    In my first secretarial job many years ago, I worked for the Nat'l Education Assn. as secretary to a teacher. He would tell me to go do things that I was quite sure I couldn't. But, his faith and trust in me gave me the confidence, and I always accomplished the task. I'll never forget that, though. That's a good teacher, as is the Prophet. Very good.

    Thank ;you, Patricia.


  3. Thank you my dear Samantha. Most of what I am today is because of people who knew I could do it, but I didn't. They pushed me out in the water, forcing me to find my way.


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