The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Saturday, April 18, 2015


“What’s wrong, Child?”

“Nothing's wrong. I’m pausing.”

“Why are you pausing?”

“I need to pause.”

“Is that why you’re lying on Mr. Whale with your back toward me?”

“I need a break, Prophet.”

“So you’re pausing.”

“Yes, I am pausing, so let me pause.”

“And why do you need to pause, may I ask?”

“Because you and I…, oh it doesn’t matter.”

“Quiescent moments are precious for your body, soul, and spirit, Child,” The Prophet said calmly.

The Child sat up and turned toward The Prophet.

“Oh, Prophet. Now you’ve done it again.  What’s quiescent?”

“I thought you were pausing.”

“I was, but…”

“Rest, Child.”

Again, The Child lay down on Mr. Whale, her back facing The Prophet. Her mind drifted as she observed the dark blue sea. The sun was disappearing slowly, and a big shiny round yellow moon winked at her on the horizon.  She closed her eyes; what she saw set her in astonishment.  She was riding the wave, holding on to Mr. Whale’s dorsal fin; then Mr. Eagle was holding her in his beak as he flew her back to her beloved lily pad. The Prophet was there shouting, ‘hold on Child. You can do it,’ and she chuckled.

The Child turned once again to face The Prophet.

“Prophet, where are you?”

“I’m here to your right, Child.”

She looked to her right and saw him standing on the water.

“Are you mad at me Prophet?”

“Child, I’m never angry with you. Peaceful quiescence is good for you.”

“But not without you, Prophet.”

“Oh, why’s that?”


“Mr. Eagle flying our way. Let him fly you over the sea.”

“And what will you do?”

“I’ll fix your favorite dish so you can eat.”

“And then?”

“I’ll tell you a story.”

“And then?”

“Then we pause, Child, we pause."

Pat Garcia


  1. Beautiful, Patricia, just beautiful. So true to life, and I love that the Prophet does not judge (get angry), but rather is wise, patient with the Child, and amused.
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you Samantha. The Prophet's greatest desire is to see her fulfil her purpose by living the dream within her heart.
    Shalom my dear.

  3. And Pause you shall! You have done wonderfully during the A to Z Challenge once again! Tomorrow you have your chance to reflect. Pause my child!

  4. Thank you, Liz. Your unfailing confidence and faith in my ability does my heart good. It is good to know that there is someone out there who believes you have it what it takes. Your words have brightened my day.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Shalom and hugs back to you!


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