The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tactful, an unguent art of

Saying no,
Correcting a misguided soul,
Making an improvement,
Helping someone through their dark night of the soul

Without being

Or intolerant,

Displays respect and acknowledgement of another human being's weaknesses and the inner wisdom derived from your inner knowledge, which shouts out saved, but for the grace of God, it could have been me.

Tactfulness does not judge:

It heals: 
It encourages: 
It forgives: 
It engages the suffering person to find a way out of their misery.

In today's society where people are more about having their voices heard, instead of being careful about the judgements they dish out, being tactful has lost its glamour.

We live in a society where we

Let it all hang out, 
Say what is on our minds, 
Speak the truth, but according to whom?   

We have proven through the results of our actions that received life through words spoken by our mouths that we don't see the tiny dot in the puzzle.

Three things have I learned so far on my  journey:

Life and death are in the power of the tongue:

Everyone is  accountable for the words that he or she speaks:

Words spoke in haste, 
Or damnation 

Will meet you around the corner:

A  causeless curse does not happen.  

Tactful people live longer and healthier. They are empowered by the spirit of meekness that gives them the ability to move higher.

Pat Garcia


  1. Yes, dear Pat, being tactful and truthful sometimes is difficult to accomplish. Your words, as always, are wise and beautifully written. I hope they inspire many. Thank you!

  2. The fact that we encouraged to be so open today seems to have had the affect of shoving tactuflness aside. In addition, with so much of our communication done electronically and not face to face, you are almost expect to be more blunt. Not everything can come across in 140 characters. Tactfulness is a dying art.
    I love this line: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. It feels like I have read this before.

  3. Great post Patricia thank you. I think that tact is an art that one develops by being aware of the power of our words, words spoken in kindness. So many people I know have no clue about tact and just blab completely unaware of how their words could be hurtful to another in the group. And completely unaware of the words 'being accountable'.
    Thank you for this reminder Patricia.

  4. A great post here Pat, now all I have to do is be more tactful.

  5. oops, I keep missing them in order--loved this one--love them all!! Love you!



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